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Sinead Cobbe is a Chartered Physiotherapist and yoga teacher

with 30 years of being a physio specialising in sport & orthopaedic injuries, cancer care,

elderly rehab and clinical research.

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It's really important to look after ourselves on the inside, no matter what is happening in the outside world. I offer a variety of classes depending on your personal needs and goals. Whether you need to tone your body or relieve aches and pains, there is something for everybody in the practice of yoga ( men...that includes you - click here). Access my Youtube channel here to check out my teaching style. I also teach online somatics classes. I also offer 1:1 Zoom sessions for all areas of my expertise.

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Yoga can be adapted for all types of bodies and fitness levels: With my knowledge as a physio, I teach you to make adjustments for your individual body type, making it stronger and more flexible.

 I now offer the following:

  • ​Mixed level in-person classes in Limerick City

  • Check out my youtube channel for classes and tutorials about injuries.

 If you want to do a bit of preparation, check out my  barely beginners series  on'll get you started!


Click here for class schedule and booking details


Somatics classes are movement lessons that help you become aware of your body, learning how to move it in a healthy and smooth way. It's hard to explain to but read my blogs to get the gist of it! It can be  beneficial if you experience muscle tension and/or anxiety or sleep problems. AND..I'm offering a FREE TRIAL class because I'd love more people to give it a try - no pressure to sign up for more!

Classes are not physically demanding, but they DO involve a bit of concentration.
Click here for class schedule.




Ah yes...the lymphatics...THE most forgotten system in our body.  Involved in fluid balance, immunity and fat transport - a powerhouse of a system, but a quiet and much-neglected hero... Read my blog here about the lymphatic system.

 I'm part of the lymphoedema early detection team at UHL, Limerick. I also treat people for lymphoedema and lymphatic problems at Midwest Physiotherapy Clinic in Limerick. Checkout our youtube series on self-lymphatic drainage here. Also see the YPZ youtube series for lymphoedema.



If you wish a 1:1 with me on any area of my expertise (yoga, Physiotherapy, somatics, lymphatics, breast surgery or chronic pain)

I'm available for consultation and advice.

Email me if you want to find out more.

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